Thursday, July 1, 2010

MOE - School Sejarah and Geografi Folio Follow Curriculum Specifications

The Star bertarikh 21 Jun 2010 – WASTE OF TIME

Ministry of Education (MOE) is grateful to ‘myl’ comments, published in THE STAR newspaper dated 21 June 2010 on the issue of – Waste of Time : School Sejarah and Geografi folio is totally a waste of money and time. Not all students have computer and printer at home.

The ministry would like to advise ‘myl’ to refer to the curriculum specifications for Geography and History for form three.

Section C of the syllabus for Geography clearly states that students are required to carry out a research within their locality. The research should focus on geographical characteristics related to the themes explored at their level of study or current issues related to geography. The coursework is meant to enhance students’ awareness of their surroundings. The study is a chance for students to apply theoretical knowledge acquired in classroom teaching.

For History students are expected to carry out a small scale study of local history (Kajian Sejarah Tempatan). The aim is for students to gain first-hand knowledge about research. Through the micro study students are required to find, collect, classify access and assess information as well as record historical facts. The folio is an awareness raising activity to help enhance students’ interest in local history.

Before executing the tasks, students are advised to refer to the ‘Buku Panduan Pelaksanaan Kerja Kursus”. The directive to candidates advises students to submit their work either in handwritten or typed form. It is also clearly stated that usage of computer will not influence the final score attained by students.



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